A Look at the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah

Whew... the temps were in triple digits just outside the convention center, but no one was complaining because this year's Outdoor Retailer Show was record breaking and amazing in so many other ways. 

Just returned from 5 days of the most intense outdoor show on the planet. Everything from camping gear to rock climbing equipment was on display, and that was just the start of it. There was so much to see and do that it would take a month to seriously examine all that was being presented to the media and those in the industry.

In a dizzying display of outdoor related goods and services, the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Show drew tens of thousands this summer to Salt Lake City, Utah. Most everything shown in Utah will be released to consumers in early 2017. But lucky you, video interviews from OR of what's new will be updated here throughout the rest of the year, so you can get a jump on the spring of 2017. You'll hear from the people at Motorola, Hobie, Yakima, Pelican and many more. 

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This video is about Merrell shoes from the Outdoor Retailer show summer 2016.

What Reviews Really Do

New Blog

For 5 seasons on the Outdoor Channel, I had the privledge of producing a terrifyic TV show about the wild outdoors and off-road travel.

I've been writing for the national automotive media for many years, much of it about new products and travel. Naturally, when I expanded my sense of creativity to the outdoor adventure market, I again focused on the products that help us travel, hike, fish and so on.

As a consumer my question to you is: Is it even possible to write honestly about a product? Manufacturers get kind of peeved when you slam their product in front of an audience of loyal followers. So as consumers, who do you believe? The writer may have good intentions to write favorably, but in doing so leaves out information that may appear negative. My answer is to look for reviews from reliable and experienced sources.

For Example

When I was the Editor-In-Chief of RV magazine, a bi-monthly that was widely received by serious RVers and campers alike, I wrote about a certain new tow hitch that just didn't perform as expected. It was difficult to install, and half of the nuts and bolts that were supposed to be in the box weren't there. Somehow the shipping and receiving department goofed up my order. Instead of returning the item, I kept it so that I could experience the same problem as the consumer in a similar situation.

I wanted to write about it, in an effort to get the story in front of the owner, who oversaw the product's development. It worked. I got a call shortly after my story appeared in RV magazine and he was hot under the collar. He asked me why I didn't simply contact him to request the missing pieces. I said that if I had done that he would have never known about his failing shipping department and it would have just happened again to someone other than a journalist.

Thankfully, he agreed that my story opened his eyes to problems in his company, and that he was going to fix the issue and get back to me. 

Eventually, he did get back in touch, and extended an invitation to me to review any of his other products, which I gladly accepted. He said that the mistakes made in his shipping department weren't the first, and that after a long talk with the staff, things were running smoother and more professional than before. He even thanked me for pointing out the flaws. 

There are many other reasons to write reviews without bias, especially when a product doesn't live up to its advertised performance. 

All of the reviews that will be tested, sampled, and put to use will include the pros and cons with some objectivity, not just subjectively as some blogs do. So as you see my reviews in coming months, know that it has been given a 5 Point Test of Performance before the story is released:

 Welcome to California. Image taken at the Grand Canyon. Image copyright 2016 LarrySaavedra.com.

Welcome to California. Image taken at the Grand Canyon. Image copyright 2016 LarrySaavedra.com.

Here's What You Need to Know about Products

  1. Was it shipped and packaged properly without damage?
  2. Did the product perform as advertised and expected?
  3. Were the installation instructions written well, and was there online support? 
  4. Was the quality on par with what was advertised by the manufacturer?
  5. Did the product work as promised? 

If you follow my blog you can expect the best possible reviews and never will it be just another rewritten Press Release that is so typical of what you find on the Internet. Many of my reviews are also featured at FreshAirJunkie.com

Thank you.