Reaching, underserved and untapped niche markets, definitely defines what’s happening at Mainhouse Creative.

Niche markets are simply select segments of consumers. They are groups or sub-groups of consumers that are eager to learn more about specific products and ideas that appeal to them. Whether that’s the dog or automotive market, and everything in-between.

I founded Mainhouse Creative in 2012 after successfully working in the world of niche publishing and multimedia for several corporate giants, where I learned how to effectively reach specific segments of consumers as an editor-in-chief, group digital editorial director and cable television producer.


Did you know that the pet and auto aftermarket are $Billion dollar industries?

You see, niche audiences are your friend, they can be your most loyal and understanding consumer. That’s if you know how to reach them because they are an elusive group of like-minded consumers that are leery of broad-range marketing campaigns.

Mainhouse Creative absolutely produces select editorial and commercial digital content, but it’s much more than cool images, engaging video and catchy words that peaks our interest.

Mainhouse Creative develops the “process” by which specific segments of consumers can be reached.

Find out how!

— Larry Saavedra