Car Guys Are...

Image by Larry Saavedra.

Car guys are a strange breed. Different.

The truth is they aren’t just guys, rather, women comprise a larger role in the enthusiast market than ever before.

What they both have in common is they are drawn to cars (specifically classics, high performance, exotics, etc.) by emotion.

Car enthusiasts find comfort there like a Foodie finds pleasure in a hand-tossed pizza. They fawn over the paint and engine as does the Foodie over the pizza sauce and spices. They are emotionally connected by things that make them feel good.

I think human emotion and experiences plays the biggest role in their love of cars, at least for those of a certain age.

Here’s my theory. People are searching for ways to connect to their past, to the “good old days." They recall mom and dad driving a certain car and they want to relive those times. 

So they embrace particular makes and models that have a special meaning to them. 

Younger enthusiasts love cars because they are cool, often fast, and they attract like minded friends. Besides, they follow the scripting of their parents.  

So the next time you attend a car show, watch the car enthusiasts carefully and take note of what they are saying and looking at. Often in their mannerisms you will see their character, and peek at their past. Good or bad.

Larry Saavedra