Using POV to Tell the Story

     The trick to creating a memorable video scene is in the editing of multiple camera angles. A single camera angle seldom works to keep our attention, and so multiple cameras are used to create interest. Often, POV (point of view) is used, which gives the audience a specific view from the eyes of the subject on camera, which in this story happened to be a dog. 

     The idea behind this clip from Retrievers in the Field relied on the use of a specially made dog camera mount, which I created using a GoPro and an aluminum housing attached to a heavy-duty dog vest for stability.It was necessary to show the terrain from the eyes of the dog being trained, not just the view of the trainer.

     To answer that question, I mounted the POV on the dog's body cut back and forth from the dog's perspective (POV) to the wide shot of the trainer to tell the story as it actually happened. Don't overuse POV as the main camera, the best scenes only "hint" at POV angles. I hope this works for you on your next film! Good luck.

     Watch the CLIP below to see an example.