Is Photography Over?

A portrait of Edward Weston, perhaps one of the best known early photographers, and a contemporary of Ansel Adams.

I Tweeted about this impressive video series from SFMOMA, and I just had to blog about it too. Why all the hurry? Well, no one wants to talk about the rise of Digital photography and the death of Analog photography. Or do they?

Although they do not use the word "death" of Analog, the folks at SFMOMA were implying it with the words Is Photography Over? It's an incredibly informative video series shot before a live audience and worth watching every minute. The panel of experts from some of the most prestigious colleges and museums in the country, offer insights about photography and its allure to millions of creative types that embrace the camera.

At times, it's very Academia and slows to a crawl. But the subject is very controversial and soon the panel responds with real insights and knowledge of how the art world is viewing the transformation of photography. Two thumbs up!

Is Photography Over? 

Larry Saavedra