So You Think You're Smart



This post was always my favorite. I wrote it after a long talk with my wife, who spent most of her creative career working for The Disney Company. She revealed to me insights into how the company balances their creative people with the money people, plainly put. Enjoy.

    I recently wrote about right and left brained people, and the contributions that these groups make to the world. Then a recent conversation with an aquintance sparked my interest in the subject again.

    As he was talking, he kept referring to things like intelligence as if it was a trait of only left brained people. I thought about what he said for a moment, and then asked him if he felt that all successful people were of the left hemisphere persuasion and that right brained people simply contribute to the creative things in life like comic books and water colors. He nodded his head in agreement with that observation like it was a statement. 

    I didn’t reply.

    He spoke with authority that all great things in the world come from what people call analitcal thinkers, those who use the left hemisphere of the brain in subjects like language and math. 

    What I wanted to tell him was that without right brained “creative types” there would be no music, no art, or television shows. Steven Spielberg would be unemployed because movies would not exist and his favorite books, of which he so proudly brags about reading, would never have been published. 

    That’s the intelligence power of the right brain. 

    I wanted to tell him that to suggest that right and left brained people are separated by a thing called IQ is neither correct, or based in any fact.

    To borrow a line from the blog site Fresh, written by Jeff Dance, it says in essence, “Creativity is the highest form of intelligence because it goes beyond recall and extends into knowledge creative.”

    The first person who comes to my mind using Dance’s wonderfully written theory is Stephen Jobs, who at the height of his career at Apple was neither an engineer or programmer, two fields that are dominated by left brained people. 

    Actually, Jobs was the creative cog in the business, he was the visionary, the thinker, the sensitive one that realized what people wanted and set out to make it. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the light bulb…did the same. 

    Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Beethoven were others, as Dance pointed out in his post called Creativity is the Highest Form of Intelligence. In fact it was Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    So as I sat there listening to this acquantaince drone on about intelligence and Mensa tests, I realized, he had really no idea how this world works, or didn't want to admit it. 

    Finance and numbers are a good thing, best kept to cubicles, but intelligence is measured by one’s ability to use their imagination to find solutions that help other people get through life.