Best Retriever Vehicle

There are the mega-buck retriever trucks with 14 stalls for dogs, the pros love them, but if you're not a pro you have to find something more civilized. That's why I drive a Vanagon, a Westfalia actually, comes with stove, frig, two beds and enough room for several kennels. 


At the last AKC Hunt Test I judged, I pulled up in my new ride, and some of the eyes gave it a once over, a few peered into its living space, and others just smiled. 

Fuel mileage isn't great, but it gets you where you need to be, although you'll break no record getting there. Some people use these for going to the races, or other hobbies, but to me nothing beats a Vanagon for cruising to a hunt test and it sure beats Motel 6. 

It also makes for a great hunter's blind!