Sweet Puppy Breath


Little puppies have such sweet smelling breath, and I discovered that much of a dog’s freshness comes from good oral health, and dear old mom.

Puppies that are still weaning off their mother have sweet breath because of the milk she produces. Puppies teeth and gums are mostly free of the bacteria and periodontal diseases that cause the breath to stink. As the dog ages they tend to develop plaque between their teeth and gums and that leads to bad breath.

Ways to Freshen the Breath of an older dog: One of the best ways to freshen a dog’s breath is to examine what you are feeding him or her.

My wife and I started feeding our 11 year-old Labrador raw meals for several reasons and one of those reasons was her general oral health. Within weeks of this new raw diet, her breath smelled so much cleaner, seriously, whereas before it smelled terrible. I think bland dry kibble was the root cause.

Even the appearance of the dog’s teeth improved after her diet was changed, and she seemed to have much more energy.

The new raw diet included fresh raw chicken, eggs, vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese and supplements among other yummy things that dogs love to eat.

I’m not suggesting that you run out and buy raw chicken and such, and start feeding your dog something new and improved. The first thing you should do is ask your Vet for advice.

But making your dog’s breath smell more like that adorable puppy… well it isn’t rocket science to improve your dog’s oral health.

Just remember, you are what you eat rings true in the dog world too!