Stop Bad Dog Behavior
She’s guilty. Some dogs get very submission when confronted with bad behavior.

She’s guilty. Some dogs get very submission when confronted with bad behavior.

Does this look familiar? Torn slippers, ripped socks, missing glasses. The dog is probably simply frustrated.

Most dogs are frightened by loud noises. So that’s how to stop these bad traits before the dog gets older and more accustomed to doing it. Here are 7 helpful tips that are guaranteed to work:

  1. Try catching your dog in the act. Bang a couple of pans and pots together and simply say NO to the behavior. That usually sends a clear single that the behavior is wrong.

  2. Put the dog in the kennel or exercise pen once they are caught chewing on something you don’t want them too, and let them think about it for a while. Then take the dog out and play with the dog.

  3. Don’t physically punish the dog and don’t use an e-collar. You simply want to get their attention with a loud sudden noise, immediately followed by the kennel. Trust me, it works.

  4. Don’t leave things exposed. The dog will have a difficult time being bad. But ensure that they always have something to keep them occupied like a toy that squeaks. Too many of us don’t spend enough time exercising our dogs. A dog will become frustrated and eventually will start to find ways to keep themselves occupied by resorting to bad behavior. The key is to always ensure that your dog has things to play with, other than your glasses, shoes and socks. You are therefore rewarding good behavior with exercise and fun.

  5. If they are getting into the trash or counter surfing for food. Make noise (lots of it), and try to catch them in the act. If you catch them too long after the bad incident happened, it’s too late to do anything about it, the dog doesn’t have that kind of long term memory.

  6. Set up your dog by leaving something exposed that you don’t want them to touch, and hide in another area of the house (using a cheap nursery camera works wonders to spy on the dog). Once you see the dog getting ready to pounce, bang the pots togethers, or drop a big plastic bag of aluminum cans next to them. Be creative here. Again, Use the kennel as a time-out. But be sure to love up your dog after a short stay in the kennel.

  7. Do not use rolled up newspapers or anything that will physically punish the dog. You can break your dog’s spirit if you use physical punishment incorrectly! Use loud noise and try to catch them the second they snatch whatever it is you’re trying to get them to avoid. There are plenty of noise makers online, just pick one and give it a try.