Ever wonder how your small town got its start? Born in 1933, Eddie Grijalva talks about the small town of El Toro in Southern California and how World War II and fast-paced development affected the once peaceful community. After three years of working with the Friends of Niguel-Moulton Ranch, a non-profit advocacy group, I created this short to better inform the public of the problems with over development and high density.

The Creative Soul

Getting caught up in commercialism isn’t very satisfying to the creative soul. Once in a while the creative mind needs an outlet that actually does some good for people you have never met.

That’s been my experience.

Working with non-profits is a whole lot different than working for a commercial business. First there is no pay. Secondly you will spend countless hours doing whatever is necessary even if you don’t entirely agree. But if you can wrap your mind around the fact that your creative skill set can make a difference in someone’s life then everything about the project begins to make sense. It did for me.

Don’t look for thank you gifts, or pats on the back (well you might get that). Getting involved in a non-profit cause must be done as a personal mission of sorts with nothing expected in return for your service. I’ve been lucky to work directly with several non-profit organizations and all of them have been a great experience.

Sometimes people in need don’t need a handout. What they need are creative skill sets.

If you are thinking of working with a non-profit just do some research first, establish whether the cause is right for you and then go for it!

501c Non-Profit Clients